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December 31
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 9:47PM

Thursday Night Live Music Diversion

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I've had myself one heck of a busy week and I've barely had time to keep up in this place or at my own website. But I feel like I've "returned" here somewhat and we all love music, right?

Just like most other people, music is always a source of inspiration, particularly live shows. Most of the time, after I leave a show (whether I'm watching or playing) I feel more inspired than ever. A room full of sweaty bodies singing in unison, all feeling a passion for every sound belted out is more intoxicating than an overpriced lukewarm tallboy of PBR. So, in an attempt to lubricate my brain here's a few of my favorite things I've seen live.

Shameless self promotion - this is my band, Burning Luck playing August 13th at Ronny's in Logan Square. This is though, my favorite song and probably one of the better times we've performed it live. If you're curious as to what it's about, check out this post

Trial live at the Burning Fight book release at the Metro
I'm pretty sure this was the last time Avail played Chicago. I've never had a bad time seeing these guys and never hugged so many random strangers at a show. 

 I couldn't find a good live recording of Dillinger Four playing in Chicago, so this will have to do. I would marry this band, if they were willing and I lived in international waters. I try not to be a fan boy when I meet people, but Paddy (bald and bearded) wound up walking into a show I had just finished playing on my birthday this year. I've never felt more privilaged to buy someone a shot of whiskey. 

One of my best friends took me to this show, because her sister couldn't make it. Tom Waits is an incredible musician. The Chicago Auditorium is one of the most amazing sounding venues I've ever been to. Everything about this show was incredible. 

Okay, so I've never been to Glastonbury - or even across the pond - but I do like Orbital. I might not be a fan of waving glow sticks while blowing peoples minds with pithy comments about really cool colors, but I can appreciate good electronica (or whatever you want to call it). Plus, it's the damned Doctor Who theme song and the Doctor is onstage. That should be enough for anyone to enjoy. 

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You got to see Tom Waits!? Very, very lucky ... I have wanted to see him for years and he's one of the few on my list left still going who I want to see.
Indeed I did! It was an absolutely amazing show. Like I said, the sound at the Chicago auditorium was incredible. He played for something like 3 hours. It was stellar.
Great sounds. Thanks for sharing. Tom Waits is my favorite...